Chef's Tasting Menu

Nightly, we offer a customized Chef's Tasting Menu for $68 per person.  The menu is based heavily on local produce, meat and seafood cooked specifically for your table.  Your meal of approximately 15 courses will be uniquely prepared for you, with a large portion of dishes not from the a la carte menu.  Every Wednesday, we offer a discounted Chef's Tasting Menu for $48 per person.  The Chef's Tasting Menu can be adjusted for dietary restrictions with 48 hrs advance notice. 

Dinner Menu

Our regular a la carte menu changes frequently depending on what is in season.  To view a recent dinner menu, please click HERE.

A Tour of the World through Wine 

We conclude our 2016 wine dinner series with Oyster River Winegrowers, a local winery making handmade wines and ciders on Dec 8th, and sparkling wine from France on Dec 22nd.  Each dinner showcases wines from the region with a special menu specifically created to complement and enhance each wine.  The menu from past wine dinners can be seen by clicking on links below.

2/25 Piedmont, Italy
3/24 Southern Rhone, France
4/28 New Zealand
5/26 Rioja & Ribera del Duero, Spain
6/23 Tuscany, Italy
7/28 Cote d’ Or, Burgundy, France
8/25 Napa & Sonoma Counties, CA
9/22 Bordeaux, France
10/20 Southern Australia
11/17 Andulcia, Spain (Sherry)
12/8 Oyster River Winegrowers (Warren, ME)
12/22 Sparkling Wine (France)

You may book a reservation by calling 207 725-9002, emailing reservations@tao-yuan.meor book online online HERE.  If you are wondering why there are so many "8"s in the menu, it is because "8" is believed to bring good luck and prosperity. 

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